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Service Check Over

What Type Of Servicing Do We  Offer?....

When we carry out a service on your vehicle, we make sure that it is carried out to the highest standards possible using the best quality parts at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer.

When we say a FULL CAR CHECK OVER it means just that, whatever we can check on the car we will check.

Car Explanation

Below is a video showing a worn suspension shock absorber and top bearing.

Tyres / Wheels

When we check tyres we rotate them to see if there are any bulges or uneven wear. We check the tread depth, pressures and also check both sides of the tyre wall for splitting or signs of perishing. We check the wheels for cracks and buckles.

Exhaust System

We check the exhaust system for rust, integrity and general wear and tear. We also check all the mounting points and rubber mountings for wear and tear.

Chassis / Body

We check the chassis and body for any rust, cracks or general damage.


We check all the suspension including the shock absorbers, springs, anti roll bar links and bushes, trailing arms and lower arms.


We check the steering wheel and column, steering rack, tie rods, track rod ends, power steering pipes and the pump.

Gearbox / Axle

We check the oil level and oil quality, mountings and any signs of oil leak from the seals.


We remove all the wheels and check the brake linings, discs, hoses, pipes and the handbrake. We also check the ABS pump and electrics and the condition of the brake fluid.


We check all the external and internal lights, windscreen wash system and the horn. We reset service lights when neccessary.


We check all the seats, seat belts, locking and unlocking mechanisms and also the spare wheel condition and pressure.

We have three levels of servicing including, basic, intermediate and full.

Below is a quick breakdown of what we do for each service.


Our basic service consists of:

Changing the oil and filter, check and adjust tyre pressures and checking the fluid levels within the engine bay.


Our Intermediate service consists of:

The basic service plus includes a full car check over including removing the wheels and checking the brakes.

Full Service

Our full service consists of:

The basic and intermediate service plus includes changing the air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter and spark plugs.

Diagnostic Scan


We offer a diagnostic scan of your vehicles electronic system, should you have an issue with your engine warning light or ABS light or any other warning light which can come on, we can run a scan on the system to see what is going on and save you a fortune against main dealer scan prices.

Diagnostic Scan Services
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