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Unleash The Power Of Your Vehicle.....

Performance Tune:

BHP & Torque tune delivered in a smooth and progressive way. This is also the most popular tune and does provide great gains on fuel economy also. Once the driver has got used to the extra power and go back to normal driving, they will find improved fuel efficiency.

Economy Tune:

This file also delivers more BHP and Torque but at a reduced rate and concentrates on delivering the power in a more controlled way to provide the most efficient use of power. It is aimed at drivers who are already driving economically.

Blend Tune:

The blend really takes a mixture of the two.

I tend to pick a car as an example to explain. So my car is a Skoda
Octavia Diesel. Below are the examples of the gains based on the two
variants.  The above three options are only available for Diesel cars.
With Petrol cars it is only the performance tune. You have access to
the widget that provides the below information which you can put in
your website.

With regards to questions, it is worth asking the following:
What modifications have been done?
How are you planning on using the vehicle? E.g. will their wife/partner be using it and an aggressive map not suit.
Will they be using it to tow etc?

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